November 8, 2016

November 8, 2016 aka BEFORE

Today feels like doomsday to me and I guess in a lot of ways it is to most of America.  I'm not going to discuss politics here because quite frankly it won't change anyone's mind with this election so it isn't worth my time. Suffice it to say:  #imnotwithher 

This may become a time we refer to life as Life Before and Life After ... like after 9/11. 

Yesterday I actually shut off the TV for the entire day. If I saw one more political ad I was going to either shoot myself or shoot the TV. Enough. The repeated rampant ads one after another from every candidate, locally and nationally, did nothing more than piss me off.  Is anyone in the media listening?!? WE ARE DONE.

In other news, my 12 year old fractured his left elbow a little over a week ago. In doing so, he learned that he can't fly so jumping off a swing probably isn't a wise thing to do.  With that, he effectively ended his soccer season because I don't think he'll be cleared to play before the last game is played on the 22nd.  

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