October 7, 2016


So my Boo turned twelve years old this week. It's say to say he's officially a tween, given  how the school year is going so far.  He's doing fine, I guess, but adjusting to Middle School (7th Grade) and having 7 teachers has been a bit rough.  He's lost his lunchbox, accidentally threw out lunch money, lost pencils and pens by the dozens already to the point I'm considering duct-taping them to his arm, forgot to bring home homework, forgot to complete a Spanish assignment, and the list goes on.  I'm utterly floored he hasn't lost his gym clothes yet!  Boys, right?  God I hope so lol

In honor of his computer obsession, I made this Control-Alt-Delete Birthday Cake:

He laughed when he saw it!

Happy Birthday, Boo!

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