October 14, 2016

Facebook Vacation

Oh, Internet ... I can't take any more of this. November 9th can't come soon enough.  Regardless of what "side" you are on this election year, it's terrible. SO terrible.  The number of people I've seen fighting with friends and family and strangers is overwhelming. It's stupid and pointless.  Name one time anyone changed their opinion after you had a political argument with them. You can't because it has never happened.

The media is making it worse. It's like high school on steroids.  Go ahead, attack Trump for all his womanizing ways. Bill is no different. WHO CARES. Seriously. It doesn't matter. It's all a smoke screen to distract the public from the important issues. You dig deep enough into anyone's background and you will find questionable things they have done. They are rich and they are politicians so that equals sketchy in my book. Not one of them - ever - has shown to be anything different.

My two cents:

I'm worried about this country and who is the best person to actually create change. I think Hilary would put her own daughter in jail to save her own neck and will be an Obama 2.0 and that scares the shit out of me.  I think Trump is a lose cannon and flies by the seat of his pants and that scares the shit out of me.

I'm leaning toward Trump ONLY because he wants to close our borders and I think that is one of our greatest threats right now. I'm tired of hearing from the other side about how it's not an issue - it is.  You want to come to this country, come legally. Pay taxes. Contribute. No more free rides!

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