September 27, 2016

The Second Opinion Matters

Earlier this year, a dermatologist from DermOne treating Bud for acne recommended a biopsy on three suspicious moles on his body - two on his back, one on his chest. This seemed a little unusual for a 14 year old but nonetheless we agreed because skin cancer isn't a joke.  One mole on his back came back "funny" and she recommended having it removed (using a pediatric plastic surgeon) since it re-pigmented.  Meanwhile, the office we were going to merged with another business and the dermatologist we were seeing was transferred. It was all very weird. We were increasingly frustrated with her care as it was (since we weren't seeing any improvement with the acne after 9 months of visits ) so I scheduled him an appointment with a new dermatologist.

We saw the new dermatologist last week and what an eye-opening experience that turned out to be.  In short, we learned the dermatologist we were seeing is a NURSE PRACTIONER, and in my opinion, parading as a doctor.  I don't recall ever being told she wasn't a MD but looking at her credentials on the first pathology report, it's right there in black and white.  So I feel like I failed and didn't do enough homework before choosing DermOne but I also feel duped! The only thing she did right was catch the suspicious mole that needs to be removed.

Everything makes sense now. The fake dermatologist said we needed to go to a pediatric plastic surgeon because she could not do the excision. I was told she could not not do the excision because he was under the age of 18, which baffled me since I considered her a dermatologist capable of treating my son. But that's not the reason, the reason is because she is not a doctor!!

The new dermatologist ran a second pathology report on the suspicious mole and it does need to be removed. But surgery and anesthesia isn't required. In fact, the new dermatologist told me it would be considered malpractice for him do it as a surgery because it isn't medically necessary! Malpractice!!  What if god forbid something happened to my son while he was under anesthesia for a procedure he didn't need??

The lesson learned here? Stay clear of DermOne (or whatever they call themselves now) and any other chain-store dermatologist, regardless of their convenient locations. And when your brain tells you to "get a second opinion"!? Don't hesitate. Get the second opinion. I'm so glad we did.

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