August 3, 2016

Vacation Plans

My son's football schedule has derailed any good vacation plans for this summer, much to the dismay of my other son.  This is the summer of separate vacations for our family.  My husband took a golf trip to VA a few weeks ago with 11 other guys.  I am taking a long weekend road trip to NC to visit a dear friend soon and Boo is coming too. He said, "I need to get out of this house. Please take me too."  Okay then. If an almost 12 year old boy is willing to take a 6-7 hour car ride, he must really want to get out of the house!

As I get older and the kids are much easier to transport, my desire to travel has increased ten-fold.  My husband doesn't exactly share the same feelings, given much of what goes on in the world these days. You have to be mindful of your destinations, of course, but I truly believe travel is still a must! We've decided to take another family cruise in early 2017. The cruise is booked and airfare purchased. We're heading on a western Caribbean route on-board another Norwegian cruise ship. I am so excited!! The boys will miss a few days of school but I don't care. I won't ever get back this time with them and before I know it, Bud will be 18 and (hopefully) off to college.

The best part is that cruise won't be the only cruise I'm taking next year!  I'm also going on a Girl's Cruise with 3 friends to the Bahamas. It's a long weekend cruise and we plan to be drinking, eating, and sunning ourselves the entire time. Probably in that order!

2016 has been pretty quiet and low key but 2017 should be fabulous!

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