August 18, 2016

Not a Food Post!

I had a revelation this past weekend while visiting a dear friend in North Carolina.  I've been enjoying a pretty peaceful home life and do you know why that is?  It's because I do not have a teenage girl in my home.  Obviously I was a teenager at one point and I know I talked a lot but there is something so different about a teenage girl these days.  Has anyone done a study on this? Can we blame the internet and social media?!

She talked non-stop about every little thing that crossed her mind. Stuff that didn't even make sense. At one point Boo looked at me pleading with his eyes to make her be quiet for 5 minutes. My poor friend says it's constant chatter all. the. time.  I only took one bottle of wine with me. It wasn't enough!

For all the people who ever said to me "you should have a 3rd baby so you'll have a girl" (so absurd!) or "aren't you sad you don't have a daughter?"

Umm, NOPE.

I'm good. I'm perfectly happy with all my men and my pets!

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