July 26, 2016

My Zoe is Gone

In May 2000 I set out determined to bring home a kitten. Our wedding was about four months away and we were finally settling into our first home (although we did it old school - I wasn't living there yet) but to me, a house isn't a home without a cat.  I went to a local animal orphanage that day to adopt a kitten.

I spotted her very quickly - this shy little thing with beautiful coloring and a stripe on her nose. She was definitely the one!  But the rules! I was naive and didn't realize all the rules involved with adopting a homeless kitten so I couldn't take her home with me that day.  The next morning I went back before the doors opened with everything I needed in order to give this kitten a home, crossing my fingers she was still there.

She was.  And she's lived with me every since. She was my first baby.

In April she celebrated her 'Sweet 16' and was doing well, despite her age and the health issues that inevitably arise.  Last Thursday night she took a sudden turn for the worse and I knew it was time.

Zoe was a shy cat who only liked her people. She would only drink water from a fountain. She shed like crazy and loved to brushed. She was afraid of ceiling fans and loud noises of any kind. She spent her life indoors, sunbathing through windows any chance she got.  She didn't like dogs but tolerated their curious sniffing at time. Many didn't realize she still existed in our home but I knew she was there, always waiting for me.

I will forever miss her sweet face.
 Rest in Peace, Zoe
My Zoebear
My Carebear
April 15, 2000 - July 22, 2016

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