July 13, 2016

A Week Off

I have no meal plan to post for this week because my Husband is away on a golf trip. So in honor of that and the fact that my boys would prefer to eat whatever they can find at 11pm, I'm taking a vacation from cooking dinner this week. It feels really good to fix myself what I want when I want it which basically means I'll be eating some version of mexican food all week long. 

I also took two days off from work to play taxi driver to drive the teenager to and from football practice. 

Yesterday I baked lemon bars and I will eat the entire 8x8 dish by myself because no one in my house appreciates lemon anything.

Yesterday I watched two DVR'd shows and a Lifetime movie - uninterrupted.  It was awesome. And speaking of TV shows, if you aren't watching UnREAL, you are missing out! LOVE this show!

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