June 7, 2016

Lacrosse 2016 Out

I had been posting about my son's lacrosse team and how they were undefeated. I'm not sure where I left off. They did complete the season at 14-0 (with 2 forfeits). Two playoff wins later, they made it to the championship game that was played this past Saturday night.  

I'm still not sure if I can talk about what happened. It was devastating to watch as a parent, given how they played all season long.  A number of things went wrong:

1.  We were out-coached. There's no denying that. The team we played against was very prepared. As soon as the game started, it was clear they came to beat the unbeaten team.  And even after watching what was going on, our coaching staff did very little to alter the game plan.

2.  Our goalie. God bless him. He has a very tough job but has done so well this season and had several shut outs.  He wears glasses with lenses that are supposed to change with the amount of light. Playing on a turf field (we're used to grass) and under the lights, his glasses failed.  He couldn't see the ball.  This happened one other time (but we managed to win) and his parents thought they had corrected the problem...

3.  The referees.  The games was called one-sided. I know a lot of people say that but it's true.  They had only 1 penalty called the entire game. These are 14 and 15 year old boys playing a rough sport. C'mon.  We had penalties called on us 10 times.

At one point we were down 6-1 but came back and tied it. We even took the lead. In the end, time ran out. We lost 13-11.  The boys were heartbroken. It was so very hard.

They had an amazing season and it would be a shame to hang it all on one final game but it just wasn't meant to be.

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