May 26, 2016

The Garden ~ 2016

The garden is looking good!  I started from seeds this year and planted them in egg shells in mid-April and kept them on a window sill and somehow, even with two nosy homewreckers, they managed to survive.  I only had one egg out of twelve (a squash plant) that didn't make it. It only got one stem/bloom and it wasn't growing like the others so I didn't bother to plant it.

'Round here, it's best to wait until after Mother's Day before you put any plants in the ground. That proved to be wise due to the very cold spring we had. I was warmer in February then it was in April/early May.  I finally got all the plants in the ground about two weeks ago and planted another row of green bean seeds.  I carefully broke apart the egg shells before planting and added the crushed egg shells to the dirt for extra fertilization.

There is nothing like fresh green beans from the garden. This is the third year I have grown them and each year I plant more and more plants. They seem to do really well in our garden and 3 out of 4 of us love to eat them!

My cucumbers are usually amazing (last years batch was a disappointment - not sure what went wrong) but that seems to happen from time-to-time.  I haven't planted squash before but given how the plants look, I am hopeful.

I've had such bad luck with tomatoes I didn't bother to plant any this year.  They just don't like to grow in my backyard. I've tried everything and have failed every single time.  So I gave up and will just stalk local farm stands for fresh Jersey tomatoes.

The bottom two pictures show how things looked as of last night:

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