April 5, 2016

Basement: Post Construction Part 1

Now that the basement is "done", here comes the fun part:  painting, carpet, and all the finishing touches.  It will be awhile before we are completely done with it but that's okay because the space is usable now regardless!

We have a neighbor friend who has been in and out of work so we paid him and two helpers to paint it. 

Now I won't lie ... the paint came up a little darker than I was expecting but whatever, it's painted. We're not re-painting it! 

A few days after it was painted, the carpet was installed and the furniture arrived - on the same day. We're lucky that worked out in our favor. 

We LOVE the couches (4 reclining seats in all and it was a STEAL price-wise from The Dump!) and the carpet is nice too but the paint should have been a shade or two lighter to fully compliment the area.  Once we start to decorate, add the bar area flooring and the bar, it will all come together and be just fine.

We added the 60 inch TV this weekend so The Husband is very happy. Once it was hung on the wall and he sat in the perfect spot on the new couch, I leaned in to kiss him and said, "so, I'll see you for Christmas?!"

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