March 1, 2016

Basement: Day 4

The basement people are almost done.  They came back yesterday and sanded. It took them 3 hours. It's hard to believe they were only in my house a total of 4 days so far! There is one more inspection (I think) and then they come to install the lights, outlets, covers, doors and trim.

We're currently on the hunt for an interior painter. We've decided not to do it ourselves lol  We'd rather focus on the finishing work. My Husband will be building the bar and we'll likely match the counter top on the half wall too.  I have a few ideas on what to use thanks to Pinterest but we'll have to see on what we can agree.

The floor will be carpeted for ease and warmth. And I'm considering a no-shoe policy for the basement but I'm not sure it would be followed but I guess I can try!

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