March 29, 2016

Basement - Construction Done!

I'm a bit overdue giving a basement update.  It's "done" and ready for paint and carpet, pending the final inspection today. My Husband is being held hostage all day today waiting for 3 different township inspectors to give the all clear.  We don't expect any problems. Everything looks really, really good.

It's crazy to think they actually only spent a total of 5 days at my house completing this renovation. It's also some what crazy that it took almost 2 months of scheduling different crews and inspections along they way to get it done but I won't complain. They showed up when they were supposed to show up and were respectful to our home while they were in the house.  Pretty much each crew was scared to death of our dogs (LOL)!

So, if you're looking for a good, reasonably priced company to renovate your basement (they also do  kitchens and bathrooms) I highly recommend The Basic Basement Company! 

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