February 19, 2016


I don't know if I'm eloquent enough to describe how much our lives have been enriched by the addition of Kimber this past year.  Sure, we already had Gunner and we love him just as much ... but there's something about Kimber, her playfulness, her expressions and mannerisms that are just different and for those reasons she has changed all of us, even Gunner, for the better.

She's still very much a puppy in many ways (I wish she'd stop chasing my cats!) but this time around we're more patient. We laugh more at her antics and we have completely spoiled both of them rotten. We embrace the fur.

We've tentatively retired the crate and so far, so good ....

She's very lean and wicked fast like a torpedo when she runs and easily beats Gunner to chase a ball. She's nearly invisible in the dark and I recently purchased a flashing LED collar for her to wear when we walk at night. We love her so.

Happy 1st Birthday, Kimber!

We love you!

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