February 16, 2016

Brain Dump

There's no other way to title this post so here it comes:

~  We hosted a dinner for my MIL on Super Bowl Sunday. We did our best to make it about her and not the game. I think we succeeded. However, prior to her birthday I wanted to buy a nice Hallmark birthday card.  I didn't want anything flashy or extra stuff on it... I didn't want it to sing... just a nice card that expressed our love and appreciation for her.  When I flipped the card over to check the price, I almost had a heart attack. $6.99 FOR A CARD.  Hallmark has lost their damn minds!  $7 for a card she'll read and likely throw away a few days later.  I put the card back and made a special trip to Dollar Tree for a perfectly appropriate and reasonable priced greeting card.

Hallmark take note:  I will not ever pay $7 for a greeting card!!

~  The first basement inspection did not go well. The Fire Inspector failed us for a "fire hazard" under the stairs ... this is not really our problem, per se, but the contractor will need to fix (and then have it reinspected) before we can proceed with the drywall. What a pain.  Still waiting on the electrical inspection. Fingers crossed that passes!

~  The soccer emails are starting to fly.  With all the changes to US youth soccer and which will be implemented as of the upcoming Fall 2016 season, Boo will have to move up and play in his birth year (he's currently playing "down" because he can).  The only good thing about this change is that he will be playing with his most of his classmates once again.  But many kids are having to make the decision to play "town" soccer or club soccer. Apparently you can't do both.  It's all so confusing to me. We play for fun and to keep him active.  I'm so very glad we aren't (and will never be) in the "club" scene.  

~  We had a meeting with my Bud's middle school guidance counselor to discuss high school and his future.  The whole "future thing" throws me since he's still my baby ... lol  He has no idea what he wants to do and that's just fine by me.  I'm not sure he should have these answers yet anyway - he's 13! The goal at this point is to get him "set up" to attend college. We'll worry about the details later.  I liked his counselor so that's a plus. I guess it's a shame we didn't "need" her until to now!

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