February 8, 2016

Basement: Day 1

So the good news:  They said the guys would arrive around 8am last Thursday to get the project started. They showed up at 7:45. That's what mama likes! Prompt workers!

Now for the bad news:  After they were all there, The Husband went into the basement to go over the general layout with the Framing Supervisor and for some reason the 1/2 wall we wanted wasn't on his plan.  So we pulled our paperwork and it was also not on the plan. WTF!  It was discussed at length because it negated the need to enclose the only exposed pillar we have in the basement!  After a few phone calls and many denials from the Sales Rep that this was ever part of the plan, The Husband let him have it.  It was now after 10am and the promised Project Manager wasn't on site to deal with the issue.  After a few more phone calls, they are adding the 1/2 wall for an agreed upon price of $310 (at first they said it would cost an additional $900 FOR A HALF WALL and we told them no flipping way!)

It's never easy, is it? And they wonder why people hate contractors!

I'm hopeful this will be the only hiccup and that the renovation will proceed smoothly from here on out.  Once the framing is done, it's pretty easy from that point forward so let's hope.  I don't want my Husband to finish the big bottle of Grey Goose on the first day!

Here are the obligatory "before" pictures:

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