February 10, 2016

A Quick Ski Trip to Camelback

Boo and I just returned from a two-day trip to Camelback Lodge and Mountain. We had a really nice time.  I'm a big fan of mid-week ski trips because I hate skiing on crowded slopes!  You pay enough to ski ... I want to ski, not stand in long lift lines and dodge people while skiing down the mountain.

The Husband and The Teenager were invited to go of course, but both declined.  My Husband has a bad back (so skiing is not a wise idea) and The Teenager didn't want to miss school. Yep. You read that right.  He went skiing for the first time last year and we thought he really like it but he's now claiming otherwise.  Fine by me. This can be my thing with Boo.

We stayed for one night at the new Camelback Lodge. It's really large and quite impressive when you pull in to the Lodge.  We checked in early around 1pm (although our room wasn't quite ready) and were fitted with arm bands that would be our room key.  We were told we'd receive a text when the room was ready and we could go straight to our room.  The text came about 3pm but we were busy skiing!

I gave Boo the choice of visiting the water park or skiing ... how dumb of me. He choose skiing, of course!  On the lower floor, there's a place where you can sign all the waivers and pay for rentals and your lift tickets.  I was able to pay for the rentals and lift tickets for both days all at once - saved so much time.  All we had to do was arrive at the rental location and hand them a pre-printed ticket and we were good to go! It was all very easy. A very convenient shuttle bus drove us right to the main lodge.

We skied until about 8 o'clock the first night. Boy were we tired ... lol  Even the allure of a water park wasn't enough temptation to leave our room once we finally got there!

The next morning we were a bit slow to get moving but we were on the slopes by 11am. We decided to have breakfast at the Hemispheres (main) Restaurant at the Lodge out of convenience only.  It's a buffet that's open for breakfast and dinner daily.  The food and selections were plentiful (for breakfast).  The donuts and muffins were really good. But the price is ridiculous. $15.99 for adults, $9.99 for kids. Drinks are NOT included in that price. Really?!  I don't know one kid under the age of 12 that eats $10 worth of breakfast food.  In my opinion, it should be $11.99 for adults and $5.99 for kids.  So, I suppose this is my one "complaint" about the new Camelback Lodge.

Our plan on Day 2 was to ski until about 3pm, hit the water park, grab some dinner and then head home. But Boo decided he just wanted to ski until his legs gave out so that's what we did. We skied until about 2:30, grabbed a late lunch at the Trails End Bar & Grille (highly recommend this place over the Pocono Family Eatery) and then went back out to ski until 5pm.  At 5, we were both exhausted but we definitely got our money's worth out of skiing!

We had a bit of an issue with the shuttle bus trying to get back to the Lodge (where my car was parked). It didn't seem to be running as frequently as it was on Monday so we gave up and walked back. It's not a terrible walk - only about 10 minutes. Since we weren't carrying equipment it wasn't a big deal.

All in all, we had a great time and we'd go back without hesitation but would skip eating at Hemispheres all together.

This is the view from the Lobby overlooking the water park ...

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