February 28, 2016


My firstborn son turns 14 years old today. It's blowing my mind how fast time goes by. When I was a kid, a school day lasted forever and Christmas always seemed like it was years away instead of just weeks or months.  But somehow when you have a kid of your own, the fast-forward button is pressed and time just disappears.

I think the easiest time to raise a child is from the ages of 6-10. It's all pretty easy during those years. School, food, sleep, baths and love is all they really require. After age 10 though, they really start to have an opinion on things, a social life, and activities/sports become more important. Once the teen years hit, moodiness sets in and they think they know all the things.

I don't think of his birthday the same way anymore. Now I think of it in terms of how many years we have left with him under our roof.  The end is in site. It will be here before I know it and it's making me sad, deep down.  There's a giant invisible countdown clock over his head and we only have this much time left to do the theoretical "this" before everything changes. 

However, I will set all of those feelings aside and celebrate my kid. I'm starting to see glimpses of the adult he will become a midst the moody teen aura.  He's a good kid, does well in school and sports, and loves his mother.

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