January 27, 2016

Vanilla Confetti Ice Cream Bread

I'm late to the game with this recipe that's been floating around the internet for some time. But hey, that's me.  I was very skeptical that this would even work. To my surprise, it did!

It was recommended to use a high quality full-fat ice cream so I chose Haagen Dazs. Bonus - it was on sale!  I used vanilla simply because the idea of mixing in mini chocolate chips and jimmies was highly appealing to me.

You literally just mix the (almost) a pint of softened ice cream and 1 1/2 cups of self-rising flour and them mix in any toppings you choose. Spread in a greased loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  During that time, an awesome reaction happens in the oven and you're left with ice cream bread cake?!

The cake itself is pretty dense but moist. It's sweet but not sweet at the same time. It's really weird but in a good way.  I did end up frosting my ice cream bread with some (canned) chocolate frosting - made it even better.

I also bought a pint of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. So that will be happening soon! One baked item in my house at a time, please!

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