January 20, 2016

Start Date Scheduled!

The basement renovation process is full steam ahead.  One week from today the framers arrive to get this project started.


Over the weekend we got rid of the last of the toys (except for one small toybox filled with some Hess trucks & Nerf guns), rolled up the last carpet, and jammed whatever was left into what will be the storage area of the basement. The good news is we still have plenty of room in that area!

We do have a nice pile of trash that will be heading to the curb this week.  The only thing left to remove from the basement is a couch, a small-ish entertainment center, a TV and the Xbox.  The TV and Xbox will have a temporary home in the living room. The entertainment center is destined for the trash and we're going to try to sell the couch on Craigslist.

The Bowflex though ... is an issue. We're hoping we can convince them to work around it. We will move it around as necessary. I hope they don't make us take it apart!

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