January 19, 2016

Scary Snowman

Over the weekend we got a very small amount of snow. You know, the good kind of snow. The snow that only sticks to the grass and requires no shoveling! One family in my neighborhood managed to make a snowman on their front lawn and my puppy lost her shit.

In her defense, it is her first winter and it was dark outside when she encountered the frozen creature. I only wish I had my phone with me to record what happened because it. was. funny.

German Shepherds are smart dogs. Mine notice everything and also notice when things are in certain places that weren't there before.  For Gunner first Christmas, he barked and growled at the Baby Jesus manger scene. All those plastic figured on the lawn were very threatening to him! 

So we're doing a normal nightly walk routine and as we're approaching the frozen not-supposed-to- be-there thing, the creeping-walk and growling starts. Gunner quickly realizes all is okay but not Kimber.  Her hair goes up and she's barking ferociously.  And I'm laughing.  I touched the snowman trying to ensure her it was okay but she kept pulling me in the other direction.  She wanted nothing to do with the frozen guy.

The next day we took the same route and the snowman was still there. She didn't bark this time (probably because it was day time) but she wouldn't go near the snowman either.  We're supposed to be getting a major snow storm this weekend and I'm thinking we need to build a snowman on our front lawn and see what happens!

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