January 5, 2016

Alive & Well to Start 2016

Never fear, I'm still here.  I enjoyed my time off immensely.  It was the right mix of busy and lazy with extra lazy on the side.  I watched many movies while curled up with my dogs and a blanket on the couch. It was heavenly. However, I think I gained 5lbs during the course of the holiday season so I'll have to do something about that!

We visited NYC for a long day, which included a visit to the 9/11 Museum and Times Square.  The 9/11 Museum is a beautiful tribute (do go whenever you can) and Times Square & surrounding area is just insane. I've never seen so many people before in all of my life and I work in Philadelphia!  We planned on going to the Empire State building too but it was overcast and foggy that day so it wasn't worth spending the money.  Because of that change, we didn't plan our visit so well so we were kind of scrambling (on the city streets) for something else to do/see.  But there were so. many. people. it was overwhelming!  We stumbled upon Guy Fieri's restaurant and the menu looked good (and there was no wait) so we rushed in to get away from all the people and enjoy a meal while sitting down.

That right there is a delicious burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and Macaroni and Cheese .... so, so good!  The garlic-Parmesan fries were really good too.  I may have gained the 5lbs from this burger alone but it was worth every single bite. We walked over 10,000 steps that day. I earned that burger!

Later in the week I also enjoyed leisurely lunches with my mom, a friend from high school, and then my college friend and her family came up from Maryland for the day.  It was fun catching up with all of them.

We spent New Year's Eve at my SIL's house having breakfast for (a late) dinner, drinking chocolate martinis, and playing games until it was time to watch the ball drop. We've been doing this family tradition for about 5 years now. It's a nice way to wrap up all the crazy of Christmas time.

The doggies were thoroughly spoiled while I was home so I'm sure they are missing me today. We did have one unplanned vet trip - I found a pretty deep gash on Gunner's back one night which required 4 staples to close it!  We aren't sure how or even when it happened but our best guess is it happened in the backyard while chasing Kimber. She likes to hide from him and we think he got himself temporarily stuck somehow (probably under a patio steps) and hurt himself on the way out. Never dull moment with pets!

I bought a new camera (don't laugh) during my Christmas shopping outings. I know most use their cell phone for photos these days but in my opinion, a cell phone doesn't always cut it.  So I have lots of pictures to share from Christmas as well as from NYC.  The only downfall to that is finding the cord and uploading them to my computer!  

I hope you enjoyed your holidays in whatever manner you may celebrate them and that 2016 is off to a good start!

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