December 8, 2015

They're Alive

It's been awhile since I shared a picture of the pups. As you can see, they are living the life.

Spoiled rotten, for sure.

Gunner is weighing in around 115lbs (and on a diet) and Kimber is about 60lbs. Her growth has slowed considerably. I expect her to put on another 10lbs or so as she transitions into adulthood but she won't be anywhere near as thick as Gunner.  She's a slender girl!

We had been feeding them twice a day but Kimber stopped eating most mornings and wasn't eating much at night either.  Then we weren't sure who was eating all of the food out of both bowls ... so we put an end to that when we realized Gunner was being a pig (thus the diet.)  He's a big boy and I don't need to increase his chances for hip issues as he ages (he's 3.5 now.)  I'm hoping to get him down to about 105lbs.  They've been on the 1x per day feeding schedule for about two weeks now and Kimber is now eating her bowl of food as soon as we put it down. Success!

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