December 9, 2015

My Trump View

Do you know why Trump's numbers keep climbing in the polls? Because Trump is saying out-loud what most American's are thinking but are afraid to say for fear of being labeled a racist. It's as simple as that.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, right?  But our freedom and policies of accepting one & all have cost us dearly. Our schools are under performing, the poor are living on welfare and the number of homeless continues to grow. Our veterans are treated poorly and healthcare in this country is abysmal. Should we even discuss the cost of a college education?  But all of that, all of our problems we can't get a handle on, all of those things that never seem to change and continue to get worse, they don't count because we're too busy trying not to offend people and too busy arguing about gun control.

Gun sales are surging in this country for two reasons:

1.  Law-abiding citizens are concerned the right to bears arms is going to be taken away
2.  People are scared and they have no faith in our current government officials to do anything about it.

Trump is right, like it or not. There is something deeply disturbing that our Resident continues to allow ANYONE into this country with open arms. I don't care what color, race, or religion you hail from.  Unless we can properly investigate the you, sorry, you can't come here.  And if you've recently visited Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, etc and "disappeared" for 2-3 weeks?  You should be kicked out.  No one with good intentions purposefully goes to those countries unless you work for the UN or the Red Cross.

More harm has been done to our own Police than to ISIS in the past four years. What does that tell you?

We're in serious trouble.

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