November 19, 2015

Owning Christmas

I'm not sure what has come over me but I'd say I'm 80% done with Christmas shopping, most of which was done online. I have zero desire to shop in stores this holiday season so thank you Lord for the internet.

I've prepared The Husband for the onslaught of boxes being delivered to our doorstep which may or may not disguise a Vera Bradley gift for myself ... it's no fun shopping for everyone else if you can't get yourself something too! 

I fell head over heels for this new "classic" print from Vera Bradley:
Isn't it gorgeous?!

I have a couple of Vera Totes. The last of which that I really loved was the Canterberry print from two years ago. I'm very print-selective but this one is really pretty and not old-lady-ish!

I completed the purchase with a matching coin purse and lanyard which I have been using to hold my train ticket and work ID (and doubles as a mini wallet when I go out for lunch or to shop!)  Because I spent over $100, a travel jewelry bag ($48 retail) was added to my shopping bag for free.  I'm not sure I'll use it but hey, it was free and I can always list it on eBay. Shipping was also free.

I'm working on compiling a list of the "fun" gifts I purchased for my nieces and nephews this year - 9 of them in all, ranging from ages 5-11.  Maybe it will help you with your shopping this year.

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