October 21, 2015

Kohls.com = Blacklist

So, back on October 8th I placed an order on Kohls.com to take advantage of the Columbus Day sale they were advertising. I've been trying to find khaki pants that will fit my teenager and this has proven to be difficult because he's right in between the Boys 8-20 and Men's sizes and once you cross over into Men's sizing, the adjustable waist disappears, making finding the right fit even harder if you have a kid who won't wear a belt...

(Hello clothing manufacturers - is anyone listening?!?!)

My order was for 6 pairs of pants and 2 bottles of this room spray that I really like. Fast forward a week and I thought the shipping was taking a bit longer than normal so I clicked on the tracking link only to discover my package had been damaged during shipping, was sitting as some postal distribution facility, and it was automatically being sent back to the sender. Okay?  (Let me also point out that's it's now October 21st and I have NEVER received a communication from Kohl's that my package was damaged.)

After a series of emails and a phone call initiated by me, I was told that yes my package was damaged, yes it was being sent back to them, and yes the credit would automatically process once the package was received by the warehouse. BUT, if I still wanted the items I had to reorder them. So I did that over the phone on October 14th to ensure the same discounts were applied.

My new order was split into two shipments for some reason but whatever, hopefully this one will arrive at my house intact.  On Friday the 16th, 4 pairs of pants arrived at my house. One shipment received, one to go.

On Monday, I clicked on the tracking information for the remaining shipment and it says the package was sitting at the the same sorting facility damaged. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Meanwhile, I still don't have a credit posted to my account for the original order.


So I call, again, reiterate the entire story, AGAIN because you can't for the love of God get the same person on the phone. This newest person said my credit for the first order would be processed. An hour later I get an email the credit was processed. Finally, right? hahahaha NO.  This credit was processed under an order number I never made and for $11.29 - my order totaled $131.28.

So I call, AGAIN, reiterate the story AGAIN and now I'm given an incident number. Keep in mind, this is only dealing with the first order. I haven't even started to deal with the partial order I won't receive.

It's now October 21st. Still no credit. And it will be a cold day in hell before I order from Kohls.com again. BUYER BEWARE.

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