October 29, 2015

Kohl's - I Still Loathe You

They are going for the world record of the worst company ever, aren't they?

I'm not sure where I left off but phone call #4 with Jackie on 10/27 assured me that the two credits would post within 24 hours. And no surprise, that did not happen.

This morning I made phone call #5 and spoke to Jasmine, who didn't want to deal with me (can't blame her - I wasn't very nice), and then to Miguel (who was insulted I wouldn't let him help me), and then finally to George, Miguel's Supervisor to once again reiterate the giant mess.  A fun fact I should point out:  the references numbers to the incidents that I was given a week ago? They basically mean nothing. 

George did his best to get me to calm down but I'm sorry, after five phone calls over two weeks and over 3 hours of my time repeating this story over and over to different people and not getting any results? I can't use an inside voice anymore and you should certainly understand why.

In the end, George saved the day. He did whatever he needed to do to post the credits to my account. I received email confirmation of the credits while we were still on the phone. Now, why was that so hard?!

I understand that "returned" packages may take some time to process but my two orders were not returns - they were "damaged - return to sender" packages - packages that NEVER made it to my doorstep. These credits should be posted automatically and without delay. Come on, Kohl's, get your shit together. Christmas is coming.

I can tell you this though, with absolute uncertainty: I will not shop at Kohls.com for the foreseeable future. Not a chance in hell.

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