October 19, 2015

Ipod vs iOS9 Update

Does anyone else find it disturbing how Apple seems to be ignoring this wifi connectivity issue and iOS9?!

About two weeks ago, I wrote about my excursion to the Apple store in an effort to determine why my son's iPod (touch 5) will not connect to our home's wifi no matter what googled fix we tried.  They were no help and actually told me they weren't aware of any wifi connectivity issues. That's laughable, "Genius Bar", because a simple google search proves otherwise.

I tried everything, and I mean everything, to get this iPod to connect to our wifi and once I cleared the cache in Safari, it finally connected. Huh? Yeah, I don't get it either.  All was working fine for a week. ONE week! Then suddenly, it wouldn't connect and started the same crap all over again - the password is wrong, etc.  W T F APPLE!?!?!  And, what I didn't know was that my 13 year old's iPhone 5S was also not connecting to the wifi but he failed to mention this because he just stayed on the Spring network to avoid the issue (thank the good Lord for unlimited data plans).  So there it is - two Apple devices that would not connect to our wifi at home.

For the record, our wifi works FINE. Our router/firmware/connection are fine. Our TV and DirecTV connect fine. Our home computer, my work laptop, a Kindle, and our ANDROID phones have no issues whatsoever connecting to the wifi in our home. 

After wasting another two hours of my life trying to get these devices to connect, I was finally successful by simply unplugging the router for a few minutes. Really? Why do I have to keep doing this, Apple? Why? Why?? WHY???

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