October 12, 2015

I Beat You, iPod Touch 5

I'm not sure what's going on with Apple these days, but more and more problems seem to be occurring with their devices. Can we assume this is because Steve Jobs is no longer around?!

Ever since the IOS9 update came out, the boys started having problems connecting to our home wifi. A few googles searches and a Facebook plea for help seemed to correct the issue via resetting the network. But fast forward a few weeks (and a few more updates), and Boo's ipod would not connect to the wifi in our house no matter what we did. We'd tell it to forget the network, reboot it, resign in and all would be fine for 5 minutes or maybe even an hour, but then it would tell us the password was wrong or that it couldn't connect even though it said it was connected per the wifi settings menu.

It made no sense.

So I took a trip to the local (40 minutes away) Apple store to have a "genius" look at it once I made an appointment to come back 2 hours later... I explained the problem we were having to the "genius" and he went right into the wifi settings and the ipod connected to the Apple store's wifi right away. W T F. Seriously?  Did the ipod just need to come home to mother ship? He ran some diagnostic tests on it (all was fine) and even went into the back to speak with more "geniuses" to see if there were any bulletins regarding ipods not connecting to wifi and he said there were none. I laughed. All you have to do is google "ipod/iphone won't connect to wifi" and thousands upon thousands of hits come up.

I left the store certain that when I got back home we'd still have the same problem and I was right.  So I googled and googled again.  This time regarding our router and if that might be causing the problem. I checked the parental controls. Nope. Didn't fix it. I changed the WPA security. Nope. Didn't fix it. I changed the wifi password, rest the network for 10,000th time, rejoined... Nope. Didn't fix it.  I even tried manually adding our wifi under "other networks." Nope. Didn't fix it. I was ready to let my dogs go to town on this stupid ipod and just buy him a phone when I sat down and started going through every single menu of the damn ipod....

Care to guess what finally fixed the problem?


In all that time, and all the people I talked to, this was NEVER suggested. I'm not sure why I didn't think to do that before but hey, it's fixed!  Who's the genius now?!

p.s. I have never in my life been so happy to be a Android phone owner and I will be for life!

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