October 6, 2015

11 Years Old

There should be some sort of law that slows down the childhood of your youngest child.  When you have a baby, the number one thing you are told is to enjoy every moment because time goes by so fast and you think it's such a lie.  But it really is true. I realize my boys aren't fully grown but we have crossed an imaginary line at ages 13 & 11 and it makes me long for the toddler years.

Yes, I'm saying it loud and proud: I'll take a toddler over a teenager any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

My Boo turned 11 yesterday (I guess I should probably stop referring to him that way but I just can't lol.)  We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with family.  It was a fun time, especially since we hadn't seen our family in awhile.  Now that going to school on your birthday has been ruined by certain people who I won't rant about, his actual birthday was a bit of let down to him, I think.  But we did our best to make the day feel special.

On family party day, I may have enjoyed too much Sweet Tea Vodka (Deep Eddy's is THE BEST) and did not realize I didn't take any pictures until we were ready for dessert, at which time the table looked rather barren ... 

My SIL's friend is the only person who can take credit for the Inside Out Disgust character cake. She did an awesome job and the cake was delicious too!  Since we were also celebrating my SIL's 18th birthday and my Boo isn't a big fan of cake, I just bought fancy cupcakes for them and had a make your own sundae bar as he requested. Yeah, didn't take pictures of that either #partyfail

Next up: Thanksgiving...  I am the hostess with the mostess.

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