September 29, 2015

Update Schmupdate

I survived the Pope invasion. If there hadn't been 24/7 news coverage of every move he made, I would have never known he was here.  All joking aside, I'm glad it went well and I'm glad the media will stopping about it soon.

I enjoyed my days off immensely. The puppy was spayed early last week so being home to monitor her activity was good planning on my part. She was pretty out of it for about 2 days but she's perking back up and being a brat again!

Bud had a consultation appointment with an Orthodontist late last week - braces are coming. In fact, they are being put on this Thursday.  He's only looking at 12-15 months with them on so that's a plus.

This weekend is birthday party weekend - Boo is turning 11. Due to schedules, the Pope, and other factors, we are doing a combined (family) party this year for him, my niece and my SIL.  With birthdays of 9/26, 10/4, and 10/5 it's kind of crazy to try a celebrate that individually. My niece is turning 6, Boo 11, and my SIL turns 18.

Decorating that table will be interesting - stay tuned!

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