September 23, 2015

The Pope is Coming...

Some may be excited about this historic event but I am not one of them. Maybe I would be more excited about it if the "officials" had been smarter about planning where this Mass would take place (Hello? Stadiums? You can control the ins and outs of people!?!). But no, a giant stage has been set up right in front of the Art Museum.

Can you say complete and utter logistical nightmare? Does anyone remember what happened to JFK?!? Officials are so focused on road closures and cars I have to wonder if anyone has given a thought to the hundreds of tall buildings in the area.

Major roads and a bridge will be closed. A giant area of the city is considered a no-drive zone so people are forced to walk MILES just get anywhere near the Pope.  I hope they have triage areas set up on every corner for all the elderly who will likely drop dead during their "pilgrimage." 

Why must we parade him through the streets of Philadelphia and completely shut down the city to do it? Security. I get it, but in the mean time, people and businesses are screwed in the process. The amount of conflicting and confusing information thrown at the tri-state area over the last two months is enough to make a sane person stay far away from this circus.

My employer alone is out tens of thousands of dollars in order to prepare for the Pope's visit. Why must we absorb that cost? I'm taking vacation time just to avoid this giant mess. 

Insanity. That's what it is.You will not find me anywhere near the city of Philadelphia this weekend and if you are smart, you'll stay far away too!

Just call me the Pope Grinch.

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