September 16, 2015

Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls was the main reason for taking this trip. After some online research of the area, I decided against staying on the Canadian side (more on that later). I wanted a relaxing vacation and Wilson, NY certainly provided that. 

I will say this:  The Niagara Falls State Park is gorgeous. It really is. The Cave of the Winds and The Maid of the Mist are absolute must-do's.  The Discovery Center is in desperate need of a makeover and the place is very, very small and most of the exhibits were not working when we visited.  The boys were disappointed. The Aquarium is small too but nice. We enjoyed it. It only took about an hour to tour. They do have a few shows throughout the day (with the sea lions and a magic show) but as luck would have it, we were there at an off time and there wasn't enough to keep our attention until the next show times.

The Cave of the Winds gives you some very stylish shoes. It's good thing too ... your feet (and the rest of you if you so choose) will get soaked! They are yours to keep.

You don't fully appreciate the force of the Falls until you are subjected to the wind at its base - Holy Wind, Batman!! We laughed and laughed and laughed. The wind and the mist made picture taking challenging!  It was a nice surprise when I realized that I had caught a rainbow:

The park is in the middle of a constructing a new lookout point on the Falls. It's slated to be completed by next summer.  It will up the game on the US side for sure!  Now, if only they'd put some of that money into the areas outside the state park....
I would definitely go back someday. It's worth seeing a second time!

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