September 21, 2015

Lockport Cave & Fort Niagara

The Lockport Cave was disappointing. I'm not sure what I expected but the boys were not impressed. I guess once you've seen a cave (Crystal Caves in PA) you've seen them all. It probably didn't help that the boat ride was not operating when we visited. An hour max is all you need if you decided to visit.

The highlight? Was when they realized Sharknado 2 was filmed on location at the cave (LOL)

After the cave letdown, we enjoyed a nice lunch in town and headed to Fort Niagara.  Very pretty scenery and history, but again, kids ... they've come to hate places like this. It's sad really (maybe one day they'll appreciate it, right?)

You can sufficiently tour Fort Niagara in under two hours which was good because they couldn't wait to leave.  It's located on the grounds of Fort Niagara State Park and there's a pool open to the public for a very small fee. It was nice to cool off there after touring Fort Niagara - the highlight of their day.

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