September 17, 2015

Fishing on Lake Ontario

Very, very early one morning we woke up to go fishing. Boo has been begging to go fishing for quite some time but unlucky for him, we are not fishing people. We know nothing about fishing.

After some google searches of the area, I found a guy who charters fishing excursions on Lake Ontario. You do nothing but show up and fish. That's right up our alley and pretty much ensures we'll catch something!

We were at the boat launch site before 6am that morning - me, Boo and my father-in-law. Everyone else opted to stay home in bed.  They missed out on a beautiful sunrise and fish!

Our fishing excursion lasted about five hours (plenty of time for the kid) and we caught a total of 8 fish. Two got away as we were reeling them in, two were too small so they got a pardon, two were both 25lbs each and the other two were both about 8lbs each.  All in all, after they were cleaned and filleted, we brought home about 40lbs of King Salmon. And it's oh so very good!!

The excursion wasn't cheap of course but worth every penny to Boo for the experience and to me for the fresh we-caught-it salmon!

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