September 22, 2015

And Last But Not Least - Canada

We did take a very quick trip to Canada. We walked there, in fact! In hindsight, I wish we had devoted an entire day but we just ran out of the time. Sometimes you just can't do it all.

Thanks to a not-so-accurate-map, we thought we were closer to the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge than we actually were. We definitely got our exercise that day!  The view of The Falls while crossing the bridge is stunning ... it really is something you must see. We passed through customs with no issues - thank you passports!

(I'm in two places at once!)

Here's the funniest thing:  we walked all that way and guess where my kids wanted to have lunch? They about leaped for joy when they saw a Wendy's. Wendy's!  I guess that's what happens when you vacation in a semi-rural area and there is no fast food to be found. Whatever makes them happy, right?

After our "delicious" lunch, we had time to pick one thing to do and they chose to tour The Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Totally tacky, totally funny, and totally overpriced. We then spent a good deal of time in a gift shop gathering some souvenirs before we had to head back over the boarder. The walk to and from, lunch, the museum, and shopping, took us three hours to do on foot.

Did you know you have to pay $1.50 per person to leave Canada, walking back over the Rainbow Bridge?  Is there ANY question what the United States of America is doing wrong?!?!!??

While the Canadian side of The Falls was nice to visit, I am glad we chose not to stay on that side.  It was like the New Jersey boardwalks on steroids. People everywhere. Traffic. Loud. Lights. Constant movement. So not a vacation!

I'm hopeful that in the future we'll plan a vacation to a different area of Canada and we can VISIT Clifton Hills and The Falls again.

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