August 6, 2015

Minor Whining Below

I'm lacking content this week, since I'm sure no one wants to hear me whine about how I want summer break to end. Yes, I'm aware that's a crazy notion and I'm in the minority but when you still have to work all summer long and everyone else in your house is on summer break, it sucks.  I hate the lack of routine and the lazy. I'm much happier when school is in session.

However, I do have our vacation to look forward to and it's time to start thinking about some solid plans and a pack list for that. So that's a good distraction, right?

Soccer practice kicks into full gear next week. Son #2 may just die. He's been a slug all summer long. The team has been moved up from Flight 3 to Flight 2 ... so here we go again...

Son #1 has decided to NOT play football this year. I have mixed feelings about this but I understand why he doesn't want to play and we didn't force him.  But it's weird. For the past five years, football has dominated our lives (and my washing machine) from August - November. My Husband is still coaching though so I didn't get off scot-free!

He will play lacrosse though but the Fall lacrosse season is almost silly. The Coach is trying to put together some extra training and 3v3 play together to help keep their skills up in preparation for the spring 2016 season.  I'm hoping that's enough to keep him engaged (and off his phone) this fall.

School starts 9/8. I can't wait! 

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