August 7, 2015

Meal Plan - Week 5

I seriously can't tell you how much easier meal planning has made my life and my shopping. No more fretting over what to make for dinner each night. I have a plan and for the most part, have stuck with it.

Last night I was supposed to make BLT's but we had so many leftovers in the fridge, I didn't make them so they will be our dinner on Friday or Saturday night.

Last week my son requested a "special" dinner on Sunday to I bumped last week's Country Fried Steak dinner to this week.

Sunday:  Country Fried Steak

Monday:  Stuffed Shells

Tuesday: Baked Flounder

Wednesday:  Hamburgers/hotdogs

Thursday:  Leftovers/sandwiches

p.s. My son's special dinner? His favorite meal ever - Hamburger Helper Tomato Basil Penne. It's the only variety he likes. He looooooves this stuff to the point it's almost embarrassing!

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