July 10, 2015

Summer Update

As it turns out, I was the most favorite Aunt/Mom/Daughter/Sister-in-law on the 4th of July thanks to the cotton candy machine!  It shouldn't be a surprise that it was a huge hit will all the kids, even the extra kids my SIL brought with her. Two more cartons of floss sugar arrived in the mail the other day. Hey, I needed my shopping cart to go over $35 to get free shipping on Amazon!  We are all set on floss sugar for a very long time.

The dogs... each are having some health issues at the moment. The puppy has a seroma on her backside, high on her hip. We aren't sure how she got it and the lump is still quite large even though the Vet drained it almost a week ago. She is not phased by it one bit and it does not cause her any pain.  The other one ... he's been having bathroom issues which all started not long after we brought the puppy home.  He does this whole routine when he has to go #2 and Kimber chases him when he does it so his bathroom time has been interrupted. When we realized this was happening, we of course gave him "alone time" to do his business but the damage is done, so to speak. His glands keep backing up and his rear end smells terrible all the time.  I just *love* cleaning my dog's ass every day, sometimes twice a day.

Remember how I said we weren't going on a vacation this summer? Plans have changed!  We will be heading North and staying at a lake house right on the water later this summer.  We've decided to take my FIL and young SIL along on the journey too. My FIL hasn't had the best of times lately and he hasn't been on any sort of vacation in a very long time (I scored major points with my husband by suggesting this too).  So we're excited! I like my FIL a lot so I don't foresee any problems sharing a house for a week.  The boys will spend quality time with their grandfather and the added bonus of associating him with the memories from this trip - a win-win for everyone.

And the other big news (that I may or may not have hinted at) is my husband is now officially a retired police officer.   After 27 years in the pension, it was time to go for personal health and sanity reasons. There are many issues prevalent in his police department that also lead to this decision and when you factor in the state of this country and the way police officers are treated - it was time to say "Enough". July 1st was his official retirement date.

Now, he isn't retiring for good!  Oh hell no ... lol  He is taking the summer to adjust his sleep habits and figure out what is next. Any suggestions?!?

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