July 29, 2015

Meal Plan - Week 3

I'm late to posting this ... but the meal planning and following is still going strong.

Sunday:  Baked Pork Chops and rice

Monday: Salmon

Tuesday:  Macaroni & Beef

Wednesday:  Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday:  Leftovers/sandwiches


To follow up on the chicken fingers I made during week 2 - they were a big hit.  My picky son asked me to heat up the leftovers 2 hours after we finished eating.  I used this copycat Chick-Fil-A recipe for the breading:

~ 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour ... next time though, 2 cups was plenty. I breaded 2 packages of chicken fingers (approximately 20) and had plenty leftover
~ 1/4 cup powdered sugar
~ 4 tsp salt
~ 3 tsp pepper
~ 1 tsp paprika

Milk wash:  mix 1 egg and 1 cup of milk

Dip chicken in the milk wash and immediately into the flour mixture. Cover well. Then bake or fry the chicken to your liking.

I used my counter top fryer filled with canola oil to cook the chicken. It only took about 4 minutes for each batch of chicken to cook and it was heavenly to eat!  We will be making this again and frequently.

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