July 28, 2015

Front Door Repainted

I'm not sure what it is about the summer that makes me productive. I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing. It's easier to do that during the winter but not so much during the summer.  You'd think with a pool in my backyard I'd be lounging by it every chance I get. But I don't.

I painted the front door about 6 years ago. I cannot believe it's been that long! Our door gets the hot afternoon sun so the paint was a bit faded and had dog slobber spots on it that wouldn't wash off (can anyone explain this?!)

I was also tired of the red door. Everyone has a red door. And since my husband vetoed my plan to replace our (red) shutters, I decided it was time for a change.  Our siding is a very light gray and with red shutters which means there are only so many color options to paint your front door. Good thing I like black!

Much better, right? I can tell you this much: it will be a long time before I paint anything black again. It took roughly 6 coats of paint to get an even look! I used Behr Exterior Satin all-in-one paint in black out.  What I thought was only going to take an hour to complete took an entire afternoon!

If only I could get rid of the brass ...

Next up:  finish the stairway railing repainting project I started much too long ago.  Milk Paint is my new best friend!  Stay tuned!

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