July 15, 2015

Dinner Boss

I hate dinner. I hate always being the one to have to think about dinner and what we're going to eat. Honestly? I'm perfectly fine with a scrambled egg or a bowl of cereal. Everything else is too time consuming. I realize this isn't realistic and even I would tire of eating eggs all the time (plus, I keep hearing there's an egg shortage. Um, what?)

So I decided to take charge. For the first time in a very long, I made a meal plan for this week.  Shut up!

Sunday:  I made this. REALLY good. I will make it again and it's probably making the meal list for our lake trip. I did alter the recipe though ... I used chicken broth and omitted the mushrooms.

Monday:  I made this. Also really good. I just used a jarred Michael's of Brooklyn sauce we really like instead of adding all the spices & crushed tomatoes.

Tuesday:  BLT's

Wednesday/tonight:  Shrimp Scampi.  No real recipe. I just whip it up.

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday: I don't care.

Next week I will involve the grill since it is summer time.

Now that I have this list started, I saved it as a memo on my phone. I figure once I have 3 weeks of meals planned out, I'll have a decent "pot" of meal ideas to refer back to.  If I actually follow through with this, I will be the Dinner Boss in my house!

Go me!

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