July 21, 2015

BarkBox Review ~ Box #3

It's been an interesting month in dog ownership, let me tell you. First there was Kimber and her seroma. Then she ate some "shag" from a rug which induced massive amounts of throw up and problems with the other end. And then Gunner. He finally had his Vet appointment on Saturday and was diagnosed with infected anal glands.

I am officially tired of gross dog problems. Both have follow-up appointments in two weeks. At the same time. THAT SHOULD BE FUN.

This ray of sunshine arrived in the mail late last week and for the first time, I got the shipping notification BEFORE the box arrived! Hooray!

The dogs were super happy with the box this month and Kimber quickly took claim of the elephant. In fact, she growled at Gunner when he tried to take it so he just stood there and barked at her. It was really funny. Siblings!

Because of all the bathroom troubles, we haven't been giving out many treats lately but I'm sure these treats will be loved too. They've liked everything that has been sent so far.

One more box left on our mini subscription!

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