June 25, 2015

The Storm

We were hit by a crazy storm on Tuesday night, knocking out power for about 30 long hours. We were initially told no power until at least the weekend so imagine our glee when it came back on at 11pm last night! Loud cheers could be heard through everyone's open windows.

Our damage was minimal. We have a fan-shaped decorative piece of siding that is over a double window on the second story - it was ripped right off the house. Other houses in my neighborhood are missing roofing shingles, flashing, gutters, and some tree/car damage (we don't have giant trees near us - one reason the neighborhood was appealing!)  We were lucky. Just a half mile down the road, trees were down everywhere and at least 3 homes were have been declared uninhabitable.  Much of the white vinyl fencing surrounding these homes is gone. Not just laying on the ground - but gone.

The National Weather Service has surveyed the damage and said it was "straight line winds" and I suppose they are the experts but it was pretty damn close to being a tornado. Can straight line winds have a defined path?! We've never had winds & rain like that before.

I can confirm that living like the Amish sucks, even for just a day. We are spoiled, for sure. It's okay. I can own it. There is nothing fun about living without electricity in June.

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