May 6, 2015

The Honeymoon Is Over

The puppy went all Hannibal Lector on me last night. Not on purpose, of course, but she jumped up and nipped at my nose, slitting the very edge of it. I probably should have gone to Urgent Care but I figured they'd only use the glue (b/c the wound wasn't deep or long - just in a bad spot) so I performed my own plastic surgery last night to glue my nose back together.

Also, she's taken a liking to eating her own excrement which has given her the runs. And then this morning, she threw up.

The past 24 hours with Kimber have been delightful.

However, she's the cutest damn thing and when we put her bed at night she only whines for about 30 seconds and she's "dry" in the morning.  Proof she does have pretty good bladder control at almost 11 weeks of age.  But she'll still randomly squat in the house when the mood strikes. House training a puppy is a process. We'll get there.

Watching Gunner's interaction with her has confirmed it was a good decision to get a second dog. Kimber is keeping him company and vice versa. We should have done this a long time ago!

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