May 26, 2015

A Weekend of Work

While many people did nothing but eat, drink and do other fun activities over the long holiday weekend, I did not enjoy any of those things.  For me, it was the first "we have nothing to do" weekend, the weather was cool, and I was on a mission to get this done.

Friday, I did this:

And this beast took the better part of Saturday and Sunday to do it right:

But oh my god, can you believe the improvement? Deck Over paint is fabulous!! The thick coverage was exactly what this mess needed. I did do a light sanding over anything that was loose but I didn't go crazy. I let the paint work its magic and magic it is!

It looks 1,000 percent better.

Yesterday, I did n-o-t-h-i-n-g other than a quick trip to the grocery store and I painted my toes nails while watching the TV edited version of Dirty Dancing for the 10,496th time. I even took a nap.

I did manage to take Boy #2 to the movies on Saturday night. We asked the Teenager to go but he declined - he's so much fun these days. We saw the new Mall Cop movie. Yeah, we aren't frequent movie theater visitors but he enjoyed it. I enjoyed sitting in the recliner for 2 hours  :)

Now, if The Husband could finish the pool deck ...  let's not go there. Yet.

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