May 12, 2015

1st Trip to Trader Joe's

 I decided to finally give Trader Joe's a try. There isn't one within a reasonable distance to my house so when I realized a store was very close to the game location, I decided to finally give it a go. Armed with a list of "must try's" from another blog I like read (+ comments that were made), I felt pretty confident I would look like I knew what I was doing.

A bonus? I went to the lacrosse game with two kids but left with no kids - both going home with friends. SCORE! So now I could take my time shopping in the store!

First impression upon walking into the store? It's a small store and that surprised me.

What I bought (and no, I did not take pictures. Documenting everything via camera is exhausting):

~ The flower selection sucked me in. Great prices. I bought my own flowers for Mother's Day, yes I did.
~ There was a display of sparkling French lemonade - regular and pink. Two, please. I'll be serving it this weekend at our post-poned Mother's Day dinner - don't ask lol
~ I also bought Pomegranate Limeade - to mix with vodka.
~ Great prices on almonds, so I bought a bag.
~ Tea Tree Oil
~ Vitamin E oil
~ 100% Greek EVOO
~ Sriracha BBQ Sauce
~ Autentica Salsa
~ Queso Dip
~ Whipping cream - in these small milk-carton like containers that stays fresh and you only refrigerate it 24 hours before you need it? Where has this been all of my life?! Bought 2.
~ Dog biscuits -  I'm sure you saw that coming. Gunner is picky but he seems to really like these.
~ Low Fat, low salt popcorn - good. Better price than Skinny Pop.
~ TJ Gummy bears - really good. Better than Haribo, so says my kids! 
~ Cat Cookies - bought both varieties. I like them. Kids haven't tried them yet.
~ Milk chocolate pound bar - just because. I may do fondue soon.
~ Milk Chocolate Jumbles - omg. These are sinfully good.
~ Cookie Butter.  I tried a Biscoff spread before but wasn't a fan but this stuff is dangerous, especially spread on the Canadian White Bread!
~ Canadian White Bread - really good, sturdy bread.

Now for the cold stuff, none of which we have tried yet:
~ Turkey Bolognese
~ Joe's Diner Mac & Cheese
~ Chicken Fried Rice
~ King Pao Chicken
~ Asparagus Risotto
~ Spinach & Artichoke Dip
~ Feta Cheese Spread

I think that's everything. My trip totaled $112.69, tax included.  If I keep going to this place, I think it will be like Target - lucky to get out for under $100.

So far, it gets thumbs up from me. I'll be sure to let you know when we give any of the cold foods a try.

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