May 26, 2015

A Weekend of Work

While many people did nothing but eat, drink and do other fun activities over the long holiday weekend, I did not enjoy any of those things.  For me, it was the first "we have nothing to do" weekend, the weather was cool, and I was on a mission to get this done.

Friday, I did this:

And this beast took the better part of Saturday and Sunday to do it right:

But oh my god, can you believe the improvement? Deck Over paint is fabulous!! The thick coverage was exactly what this mess needed. I did do a light sanding over anything that was loose but I didn't go crazy. I let the paint work its magic and magic it is!

It looks 1,000 percent better.

Yesterday, I did n-o-t-h-i-n-g other than a quick trip to the grocery store and I painted my toes nails while watching the TV edited version of Dirty Dancing for the 10,496th time. I even took a nap.

I did manage to take Boy #2 to the movies on Saturday night. We asked the Teenager to go but he declined - he's so much fun these days. We saw the new Mall Cop movie. Yeah, we aren't frequent movie theater visitors but he enjoyed it. I enjoyed sitting in the recliner for 2 hours  :)

Now, if The Husband could finish the pool deck ...  let's not go there. Yet.

May 20, 2015

A TV Rant

I wish, oh how I wish, TV executives would stop canceling GOOD shows and start canceling shows like The View, that are full of washed-up, unimportant, ignorant d-listers. Have you tried to watch that show lately? It is awful. I liked Rosie Perez much better when I thought she had faded into oblivion.

Please just cancel The View. It has gone beyond downhill since Barbara Walters left. I wonder if she's completely embarrassed by what it has become.

Please bring back The Following and Stalker.  Fox and CBS obviously have idiots at the helm.

May 19, 2015

BarkBox Review ~ Box #1

I'm sure you are familiar with at least one of the monthly box subscription services that are out there these days. I have a Birchbox subscription that I'm happy with for the most part (except this month - one of my sample leaked and there was none left to try!).  I have a friend on Facebook who really likes BarkBox so with the new puppy addition, I decided to check it out.

It is a little pricey, as far as subscriptions go, but with a quick search for a coupon code I decided it was worth a shot.  I signed the pups up for a 3 month Large/XL Dog subscription and with the coupon code got an extra month free.  Total cost was $72, divided by 4 = $18 per box.  Not bad!

Our 1st box arrived over the weekend. It was a nice surprise because I had forgotten about it! And oddly enough, I received the shipment notification AFTER I received the box.  But whatever. It came as promised.

The two stuffed toys you see are really nice. They are not cheap dollar-store like toys.  The green is a long caterpillar with several squeaky things throughout. The ladybug makes a crinkle sound when chewed on - the puppy especially likes this one.  Both like the Did You Know Carrots treats though the biscuits are really small. My 110lb Shepherd probably just swallows them so I've mostly been giving them to Kimber. We haven't opened the lamb treats yet but having bought similar treats in the past, I know they will be liked as well. To the very right, there's a chew stick - Gunner will enjoy that soon.

Overall, I'm very happy with our first box and I think the pups would give it a thumbs up too.  If I bought those items individually in the store, I would have spent well over $18. And it's nice to know I don't need to buy any new toys for the next three months because of our BarkBox delivery!

**I was not compensated in any way to right this review. I am not that kind of blogger!**

May 14, 2015

Idol Finale 2015

I've been watching this show since the very beginning, faithfully every episode (for the most part). When we finally got a DVR in 2008, it made watching American Idol even easier because we could fast forward through all of the damn commercial breaks. I haven't watched American Idol live since. Take that and your long pauses, Ryan Seacrest!

Last night after I picked the boys up from their respective sport practices, I watched the one hour show we recorded from Tuesday night. I was a little disappointed by the final two because I don't think Nick is anything special. He sounds too much like many other artists out their recording today but at the same time, I can see why Jax may not appeal to the masses.

I think Clark and Nick were pretty much neck and neck until they debuted the single to be released. It was painfully obvious that Clark was "pushed" into that song and that he wasn't feeling it. At the very end when Ryan asked them which was your favorite song of the night, Nick picked the new song he'd just sung while Clark said, "Georgia On My Mind - that's my jam" - there it was. Nick would win.

2 hours later, I was right. I turned AI on just at the confetti was falling everywhere. I'll watch finale when I have time at some point this weekend just to see the performances. I heard Jax's performance with Steven Tyler was really good. 

Congratulations, Nick. I hope you can pull off what no male winner has been able to do as of late - become a star in the music industry.

To Clark, my man, you know who you are and what you do best. Surround yourself with people who support that.  I'll keep my eye out for your CD and look forward to hearing it.

May 12, 2015

1st Trip to Trader Joe's

 I decided to finally give Trader Joe's a try. There isn't one within a reasonable distance to my house so when I realized a store was very close to the game location, I decided to finally give it a go. Armed with a list of "must try's" from another blog I like read (+ comments that were made), I felt pretty confident I would look like I knew what I was doing.

A bonus? I went to the lacrosse game with two kids but left with no kids - both going home with friends. SCORE! So now I could take my time shopping in the store!

First impression upon walking into the store? It's a small store and that surprised me.

What I bought (and no, I did not take pictures. Documenting everything via camera is exhausting):

~ The flower selection sucked me in. Great prices. I bought my own flowers for Mother's Day, yes I did.
~ There was a display of sparkling French lemonade - regular and pink. Two, please. I'll be serving it this weekend at our post-poned Mother's Day dinner - don't ask lol
~ I also bought Pomegranate Limeade - to mix with vodka.
~ Great prices on almonds, so I bought a bag.
~ Tea Tree Oil
~ Vitamin E oil
~ 100% Greek EVOO
~ Sriracha BBQ Sauce
~ Autentica Salsa
~ Queso Dip
~ Whipping cream - in these small milk-carton like containers that stays fresh and you only refrigerate it 24 hours before you need it? Where has this been all of my life?! Bought 2.
~ Dog biscuits -  I'm sure you saw that coming. Gunner is picky but he seems to really like these.
~ Low Fat, low salt popcorn - good. Better price than Skinny Pop.
~ TJ Gummy bears - really good. Better than Haribo, so says my kids! 
~ Cat Cookies - bought both varieties. I like them. Kids haven't tried them yet.
~ Milk chocolate pound bar - just because. I may do fondue soon.
~ Milk Chocolate Jumbles - omg. These are sinfully good.
~ Cookie Butter.  I tried a Biscoff spread before but wasn't a fan but this stuff is dangerous, especially spread on the Canadian White Bread!
~ Canadian White Bread - really good, sturdy bread.

Now for the cold stuff, none of which we have tried yet:
~ Turkey Bolognese
~ Joe's Diner Mac & Cheese
~ Chicken Fried Rice
~ King Pao Chicken
~ Asparagus Risotto
~ Spinach & Artichoke Dip
~ Feta Cheese Spread

I think that's everything. My trip totaled $112.69, tax included.  If I keep going to this place, I think it will be like Target - lucky to get out for under $100.

So far, it gets thumbs up from me. I'll be sure to let you know when we give any of the cold foods a try.

May 6, 2015

The Honeymoon Is Over

The puppy went all Hannibal Lector on me last night. Not on purpose, of course, but she jumped up and nipped at my nose, slitting the very edge of it. I probably should have gone to Urgent Care but I figured they'd only use the glue (b/c the wound wasn't deep or long - just in a bad spot) so I performed my own plastic surgery last night to glue my nose back together.

Also, she's taken a liking to eating her own excrement which has given her the runs. And then this morning, she threw up.

The past 24 hours with Kimber have been delightful.

However, she's the cutest damn thing and when we put her bed at night she only whines for about 30 seconds and she's "dry" in the morning.  Proof she does have pretty good bladder control at almost 11 weeks of age.  But she'll still randomly squat in the house when the mood strikes. House training a puppy is a process. We'll get there.

Watching Gunner's interaction with her has confirmed it was a good decision to get a second dog. Kimber is keeping him company and vice versa. We should have done this a long time ago!

May 5, 2015

Girls Weekend 2015

It was a roaring success. My family survived without me and me without them. It was nice to do nothing but hang out with friends, eat, drink, talk, & shop for 4 days. I highly recommend everyone do this at least once a year!

Maine is beautiful. Portland is beautiful and so is Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.  We even crashed the Bush Compound but failed to get the attention of the Secret Service. I suppose that's a good thing though. A trip to Maine would not be complete without seeing at least one lighthouse - The Nubble Lighthouse. It was a gorgeous day which was perfect for pictures!

We are already planning the next one!