April 28, 2015

Today is the Day!

...that I melt all of your hearts with pictures of our new puppy.

Meet Kimber:

Kimber is the sweetest, most adorable puppy ever born. I mean it.  I didn't want to come to work today because I wanted to hang out with her all day!  Her introduction to Gunner went very well - almost too well - it was crazy. Gunner really surprised us and has been wonderful with her.  He gives her a warning now and again, but that is to be expected. I am very hopeful they will be best buds in no time.  We are already seeing how much more occupied Gunner is now that she's in the house and that's what we were hoping for. He really did need a friend :)

This picture was taken just 24 hours after bringing Kimber home:

That's what I call winning!

It may just break my heart to leave them this weekend for Girls Weekend 2015. I will probably miss the dogs more than the people in my house ... just keeping it real ... teenagers are "fun".  I am ready for the break, a recharge, and lots of fruity, strong drinks with great friends.

I will try not to turn this blog into a dog blog but it's going to be hard - she's just so damn cute!!

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