April 8, 2015

Easter Table

Family dinners in our home are pretty informal. I love my house but I don't have a place to set up a big family dinner table. My house is "open" but it isn't all at the same time (if that makes any sense!)  I think that's the only thing that's missing from our family gatherings - a more formal place to eat and interact.

But I do have fun setting up a little theme for each dinner that we do have. Pinterest is a great help for that!

My apologies for the dark pictures ... I should have edited the pictures a little better but you get the idea.  Easter is my excuse to bring some pink into my home! I loved the bunny dip platter. I was perfect for the occasion and very simple to put together. And you can't go wrong with chocolate dipped peeps with added mini marshmallow tails.

A dessert post to follow!

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